Affiliations: Kronos
First Appearance: Nowhere Man, volume 01, book 01

Caris is an enigmatic character apparently from the future as part of a group of agents able to travel back in time. It is yet to be revealed how she was lost on mission but the results has been her growing ability to travel through time and space without the use of technology from her time of origin. Each time Caris emerges, there is a sense that it might be sequentially before or after a previous encounter. She is often piecing together her own memories even as she attempts to drive other characters toward her own goal.

Although Caris and Zade have a common interests: to stop the use and proliferation to tech from their time in our present, Caris often acts in ways to thwart Zade in an effort to groom Jack for a much bigger mission.

– Traveling through time and space
– Manipulating small events to affect certain outcomes