Jack Maguire

Affiliations: 14th Precinct
First Appearance: Nowhere Man, volume 01, book 01

Jack Maguire is a brash detective with the NYPD 14th precinct. With the help of a high-tech military device from the future embedded in his left hand, Jack secretly hunts criminals, targeting a ring of weapons traffickers smuggling similar technology.

There is a major catch: using the technology awakens Zade, a mysterious assassin, able to inhabit and transform Jack’s body. Zade is willing to use methods beyond the law. As the only son of a cop 911 first responder, Jack is motivated to become a great cop to honor his father’s memory. Unfortunately, incidents with Zade are making it increasingly hard to remain undiscovered.

The technology grants Jack a range of espionage and defensive powers.
– Phasing through objects
– Energy force field
– Energy shield
– Hacking of computers and the human brain
– EMP blast
– Echolocation