Rose Yancey

Affiliations: 14th Precinct
First Appearance: Nowhere Man, volume 01, book 01

Rose Yancey was born in Boston and comes from a family cops. Soon after moving to New York City, she joined her uncle, Captain Whittaker, at the 14th precinct. As a young detective, Rose exhibits exceptional left-handed marksmanship skills. Her uncle paired her with Jack, hoping she could learn from Jack’s gritty street skills and that she would provide a calming influence on Jack.

Rose and Jack have maintained a secret love affair, even as her uncle hopes to fast track her into a career with an appointment to a high-tech, joint task force with homeland security, a covert set of units known as ID agents.

– Marksmanship skills
– With the help of a discovered device she is revealed to have abilities of her own