Affiliations: Kronos
First Appearance: Nowhere Man, volume 01, book 01

Zade is a mysterious assassin apparently from the future. Using Jack Maguire’s body and consciousness as a cover, he is able to operate in the present largely undetected. Seeking to destroy weapons lost in the present from a failed mission, Zade hopes it will lead him to agent Caris, his love interest lost during the botched mission.

Being a well trained operative, Zade exhibits a wide range of hand-to-hand fighting skills as well as combat augmented by two future tech military devices.

The technology grants Zade the power Jack has yet to master plus others, including ejecting the devices to operate autonomously.

– Phasing through objects
– Energy force field
– Energy shield
– Hacking of computers and the human brain
– EMP blast
– Echolocation
– Enhanced hand-to-combat
– Hex Disk enabled evasive abilities