Whatcha Reading

Whatcha Reading, August 18, 2014
Juan Pineda

Six months after the events of Vol 1, we find Jack in a coma and Rose Yancey harboring her own secrets as Zade takes control! From the beautifully illustrated opening prologue that takes place in Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood cemetery, resting place of many Civil War Veterans, to the climactic face-off in the hospital, Jerome’s cinematic storytelling style picks up pace quickly. More clues are given as to the origins of Zade but dang it if Jerome doesn’t add yet another wrinkle to the story.

The attention to details such as locations, newspaper ads and technical manuals that Jerome sprinkles in is what makes this book so enjoyable to me. What may seem to be just random decor or background objects is actually there for a purpose. From the covert meetings in the first chapter to the intriguing revelation in the third chapter, I was engaged. As I mentioned in my review of Vol. 1, my favorite aspects of this story are the diverse cast and the procedural police work (and Zade’s costume, particularly his toed boots) and Vol. 2 is no exception.